Thursday, 6 August 2009

Zoology Quest

On Day 8, during their 50km endurance walk from (beyond) Zaube to Cēsis, Jānis and Graham had sufficient wits and energy to take the intriguing picture below:

As they had such a long way to go, they did not have the time to clarify whether this was a fossil or a fresh mud-print. Can any zoologists out there help us identify this footprint?


  1. Dear Graham

    Thank you for sharing your journey ...

    Visu labu


  2. Tis a fossilised foot print of the now extinct Latvian fighting cat - the size of a regular pet feline with feet as big as its head. They were commonly found near pine forests. In 1875, the fighting cats, 'combat felis catus', experienced a blow to their population when local farmers culled the entire species because they would trample through the forests during the autumn months and ruin the mushrooms that grew there. Does anyone have an alternative truth?